Scribe lands  Fernanda Trías new 'modern classic'

Scribe lands Fernanda Trías new 'modern classic'

Scribe has landed Pink Slime, a novel by Uruguayan author Fernanda Trías about a woman struggling against a modern-day plague, to be translated by Heather Cleary.

Set in the midst of a plague brought on by ecological disaster, Pink Slime,  was dubbed "extraordinarily prescient" by Scribe as it was written before the Covid-19 pandemic. As its narrator tries to flee the country — to escape from food shortages, blackouts, and police patrols — she must confront a failed marriage, a strained mother-daughter relationship, and her feelings about looking after a child who is not her own. 

"The fragility of life and our relationships is explored in this modern classic, lauded by Spanish critics and recently awarded the prestigious Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize," the synopsis reads.

UK editorial director Molly Slight and Australia and New Zealand associate publisher Marika Webb-Pullman bought world English language rights from Paula Canal at the Indent Agency. It will be translated by Cleary.