Scribble draws up plans for children

Scribble draws up plans for children

Scribe will this week start publishing picture books for the UK and Australasian market through its new imprint, Scribble.

Miriam Rosenbloom (pictured), art director for Scribe Australia and UK, and now commissioning editor for Scribble, said the company had talked about publishing children’s books “for years” and that the time was right after she returned to her native Australia following six years based in the UK.

Rosenbloom is aiming to publish six books a year, starting with The Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade by author Davina Bell and illustrator Allison Colpoys (p/b, £6.99, January 2016), and is looking for authors and illustrators from both the UK and Australia. Scribe UK and Scribe Australia will split the printing costs.

Scribble will publish fiction and non-ficton titles, and Rosenbloom said she has a particular interest in photographic picture books. “Photography has been relegated to a very specific kind of children’s publishing in the past few decades, one that is largely educational and linear. I think there is a lot of potential for it in a more narrative-driven role,” she said, pointing out that two of the books coming out next year are reprints of German modernist photographic titles from the 1960s: My Donkey Benjamin and My Pig Paulina by Hans Limmer.

The other books scheduled for release are I am Doodle Cat by author Kat Patrick and illustrator Lauren Marriott (h/b, £9.99, March), Under the Love Umbrella by author Davina Bell and illustrator Allison Colpoys (h/b, £10.99, October) and There’s Not One by Jennifer Higgie (price and format to be confirmed; the title will be published in late 2016).