Wilson event will mark 20 years of the Children's Book Tour

Wilson event will mark 20 years of the Children's Book Tour

Scottish Book Trust will mark 20 years of its Children’s Book Tour this year with an event featuring Jacqueline Wilson and Pamela Butchart.

The show, attended by more than 2,000 children, will take place at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow in June, and will also host the Etherington Brothers, who produce comics such as The Dangerous Adventures of Von Doogan (The Phoenix).

Other anniversary plans include a tour of Scottish libraries by author Julia Donaldson and a series of comics, created by Sarah McIntyre.

The anniversary was officially launched today (11th January) at a primary school in Glasgow by authors Lari Don and Ross Collins, and Marc Lambert, c.e.o. of Scottish Book Trust.

Scottish Book Trust launched its children’s book tour in 1998 with writers Alan Durant, Dianna Hendry and Janet Paisley, and has since then reached more than 100,000 children.

“Being able to tour authors and illustrators into schools, libraries and communities is a wonderfully effective way to spark children’s creativity and love of books,” he said. “Over the past two decades we’ve seen first-hand the hugely positive impact that the joy and excitement of a children’s tour visit has had on children across the country.”

The tour is supported by Scottish Friendly.