Schwarzenegger calls time on print books

<p>Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California, plans to replace printed education titles with digital delivery, according to various reports. The move, which Schwarzenegger set out in the San Jose Mercury News newspaper, caused the share price of education publisher Pearson to fall 14.5p to 622.5p, with traders attributing some of the fall to events in California. <br /><br />Schwarzenegger, trying to plug a budget hole of $24.3bn (&pound;15bn), thinks he can make savings by getting rid of what he decries as expensive textbooks. The governor is serious about an idea that might make Gutenberg turn in his grave. &quot;It&#39;s nonsensical and expensive to look to traditional hard-bound books when information today is so readily available in electronic form,&quot; Schwarzenegger wrote.<br /><br />Schwarzenegger says that California last year set aside $350m for school books and argues that even if teachers have to print out some of the material, it will be far cheaper than regularly buying updated textbooks. Schwarzenegger plans to launch the scheme in August next year when California&#39;s high-school pupils will have access to online maths and science texts. <br /><br /></p>