Scholastic to publish YA exploration of modern-day antisemitism

Scholastic to publish YA exploration of modern-day antisemitism

Scholastic UK is publishing Keren David’s "highly topical, thrilling and thought-provoking" YA book exploring modern-day antisemitism in the UK.

World English rights were struck in a deal by UK publisher Miriam Farbey with Jenny Savill of Andrew Nurnberg Associates and will publish in February 2021.

What We’re Scared Of will interweave real Holocaust survivor testimony with fiction, made possible by David’s work with the Jewish Chronicle and JW3 (also known as Jewish Community Centre London) and will explore antisemitism from the point of view of teenage twin sisters living in London when their family is targeted by social media trolls, according to the synopsis.

David said: "I never thought antisemitism would become part of British political discourse. Like many Jews I've been horrified at the developments of recent years, both on the right and the left. It's a complicated subject, and many people seem to need more understanding. I feel passionately that young people need to have more chances to learn about and discuss all forms of racism. There are lots of different ways of being Jewish, and that's rarely reflected in fiction too. So my hope is to explore some of the complex feelings and experiences of contemporary Jewish teenagers. It's been an incredibly difficult book to write—my hope is that it opens readers' minds and hearts."

Farbey said: "We are proud to be publishing this highly topical, thrilling and thought-provoking YA book from one of Britain’s best Jewish authors. Anyone seriously interested in children’s books and diversity should read it."

Savill said: "Keren’s writing always reflects and comments on the prevailing times and issues facing young people with a clear eye, wit, humour and a massive amount of compassion."