Scholastic signs book deal with Yogscast

Scholastic signs book deal with Yogscast

Scholastic has signed a new book by Yogscast, a network of YouTube broadcasters who produce gaming-related video content.

The Diggy Diggy Book will be published in hardback in October and is described as a “must-have” for Yogscast fans, featuring jokes, information about the Yogscast team, and an exclusive look at ‘YogTowers’.

The Yogscast YouTube channel, set up by Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane in 2008, features videos inspired by games such as Minecraft and World of Warcraft. The channel gets more than 100 million views every month and has 23 million subscribers.

The deal to publish The Diggy Diggy Book originated from Scholastic UK’s partnership with children’s marketing platform SuperAwesome, announced in February.

David Maybury, senior development editor, said: “Working with The Yogscast creators has been awesome, they’re utterly fan focused and it really shows in how they create videos and how they have created The Diggy Diggy Book. The chance to work with one of the most popular YouTube channels was impossible to pass up.”

SuperAwesome c.e.o. Dylan Collins added: “The opportunity for thoughtful cross-platform media partnerships like Scholastic and Yogscast is simply enormous. By virtue of being the industry's marketing platform we're fortunate enough to work with all sides and I think this is just the beginning of something amazing for both companies.”