Scholastic extends publishing deal with Lego

Scholastic extends publishing deal with Lego

Scholastic has extended its publishing deal with The Lego Group until 2019, with non-fiction, pop-up and movie tie-in titles in the works.

Scholastic’s Debra Dorfman, vice-president and publisher of non-fiction and licensing, and Lynn Smith, global licensing director, signed a deal for world rights in all languages with Heidi K Jenson, licensing manager at the Lego Group. Scholastic UK will manage foreign translation rights and Scholastic US will look after world English rights.

Under the terms of the agreement, Scholastic will publish books based on the Lego brands City, Ninjago, Bionicle, Elves, Friends, Star Wars and Lego DC in a variety of formats.

Highlights will include the first Lego pop-up book, by paper engineer Matthew Reinhard, which will take the reader on a road trip through different Lego Universes. Publication is set for September 2016.

In the non-fiction range, Scholastic will produce titles on topics such as planets, knights and castles, and the ocean, using facts, photos and Lego “mini-figures”.

“The LEGO Group and Scholastic are completely aligned in encouraging kids to be creative and imaginative, and to become lifelong readers,” said Miriam Farbey, UK publisher and global non-fiction publisher at Scholastic UK. “We are so proud to become part of a longterm relationship, expand our Global reach, and publish innovative new projects with Lego Publishing.”

Scholastic and Lego began their publishing partnership twelve years ago and there are so far 45 million cross-branded books to date, according to the companies.