Sceptre launches dedicated Bone Clocks website

Sceptre launches dedicated Bone Clocks website

Sceptre today kicks off its publicity campaign for David Mitchell’s new novel The Bone Clocks.

A website dedicated to the book went live at midday today, and the publisher also revealed an interactive cover for The Bone Clocks.

Sceptre and Hodder will also be tweeting about the book, which is released on September 2nd.

Mitchell said he hoped his new book would be his “best and most fully-realised novel to date”. He said: “The number on the calendar insists that 15 years have passed since I published my first novel. Unbelievable. Here's my sixth which, I guess, makes me an official addict. I hope that readers of The Bone Clocks enjoy their time in its world, and will maybe recognise one or two old friends and foes from earlier books."

Mitchell added: "I hope it's my best and most fully-realised novel to date, and I'm grateful we're all still here to read and write, two of life's great pleasures.”

The Bone Clocks follows the twists and turns of protagonist Holly’s life, “from a scarred adolescence in Gravesend to old age on Ireland’s Atlantic coast as Europe’s oil supply dries up – a life not so far out of the ordinary, yet punctuated by flashes of precognition, visits from people who emerge from thin air and brief lapses in the laws of reality. For Holly Sykes – daughter, sister, mother, guardian – is also an unwitting player in a murderous feud played out in the shadows and margins of our world, and may prove to be its decisive weapon,” said Sceptre.

The book was announced in November last year.

It will be published in hardback, costing £20.