Sargeant gives Freshers' Week 'a dark twist' for HarperCollins

Sargeant gives Freshers' Week 'a dark twist' for HarperCollins

HarperCollins will next year publish The Roommates, “a compelling” standalone psychological thriller by Rachel Sargeant that gives Freshers’ Week “a dark twist”.

Described by HarperCollins as “wonderfully dark and claustrophobic”, the novel follows four girls who share a flat in their first week of university. When one of them goes missing, the excitement of student life is tainted by fear and they realise just how little they really know about their new roommates.

Assistant editor Finn Cotton bought world English rights in his first acquisition for the crime and thriller list from Marilia Savvides at PFD. Publication is set for November 2019.

Cotton said: “Rachel is an absolute dream to work with, a hugely talented and hardworking writer whose books combine complex and relatable characters with riveting storylines. I couldn’t be more delighted to be working with Rachel on her brilliant new novel, and to be publishing her on the crime and thriller list.”

The author's previous psychological thriller, The Perfect Neighbours, was acquired by Cotton and published on the Killer Reads digital-first list at HarperCollins. It became a top ten Kindle bestseller and sold over 100,000 copies across all editions, according to the publisher. 

“I’m delighted to be joining the crime and thriller list at HarperCollins and to be working with Finn again," said Sergeant. "As a student I loved university life and still find that world fascinating. As a writer I had great fun with The Roommates and enjoyed giving Freshers’ Week a dark twist.”