Sandwich Bookshop to close

The Sandwich Bookshop in Kent is closing after seven years, blaming a rise in internet bookselling, supermarket discounting and the popularity of e-readers.

Owner Louise Vance will be shutting the doors to her shop in Sandwich, Kent, on 23rd July, selling some stock with a 25% discount and offering a £1 clearance trunk.

She said: "Like so many independents before us, the odds have been stacked so far against us that it is now just too hard to compete on such an un-level playing field.  Competing with the likes of Amazon and the supermarkets, who sell books as loss leaders, the internet in general and now the Kindle, which also only allows books to be purchased from Amazon, has been hard."

She also said that business had fallen "dramatically" since March, pointing out this was around the same time as World Book Night.

Vance added: "We would like to thank all of our customers for shopping with us over the years. We hope you have enjoyed browsing, discovering new authors, finding signed copies of your favourite authors and even having the chance to personally meet some very interesting authors during our time here."