Samsung, enTourage enter e-reader market

<p>Samsung and enTourage are the latest manufacturers to have entered the e-reader market, with both firms unveiling their two devices at the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday (6th).</p><p>Samsung&#39;s E6 and E101 are 6 inch and 10 inches respectively, use Wi-Fi and support ePub, PDF and TXT formats. Both use a stylus to enabling writing on the devices.</p><p>According to Pocket Lint, the &quot;pen can be tweaked with different thicknesses and even has calligraphy settings if you&#39;re feeling fancy. It can be used to cut, copy and paste text too, with a pressure sentivity gauge&quot;.</p><p>Meanwhile the enTourage eDGe is a two-screen device, with one 9.7inch e-paper display on one side and a 10.1 inch LCD screen on the other. Both are touch screens, allowing the user to annotate e-books. The device uses the Google Android operating system, and has built-in Wi-Fi.<a href=" target="_blank" title="b "></a></p><p><a href=" target="_blank" title="b ">According to the eDGe is &quot;far chunkier than your average eBook reader&quot;, comparing it to a netbook in terms of size. It is also more expensive than the average device, costing $490. Samsung has not revealed the cost of its devices.</a></p><a href="