Salt snaps up Virago founder's memoir about the 'messiness of life'

Salt snaps up Virago founder's memoir about the 'messiness of life'

Salt will publish Virago’s former director Ursula Owen's “deeply engaging” memoir Single Journey Only

Christopher Hamilton-Emery, director of Salt, acquired world rights in English, from David Godwin at David Godwin Associates Limited, with publication slated in print and e-book for next September.

Salt described Single Journey Only as “deeply engaging” while Hamilton-Emery paid tribute to Owen’s honesty in the memoir.

"Ursula is hugely well-known, loved and respected, and I am utterly delighted to be publishing this frank and rewarding account of such an wide-ranging life,” he said. "The achievements are, frankly, astonishing, yet in this delightful and feisty memoir we see the glorious messiness of life, too. And something else beside, a tenacious commitment to enlightenment ideals, something we need to be constantly reminded of."

Owen has been involved in literature and freedom of expression since the 1970s. She became a founder director of Virago in 1974, later becoming editorial director and m.d. of the British publishing company committed to women’s writing and books on feminist topics. She led the business as it "developed an international reputation, working with a committed team, rediscovering and repositioning women novelists and, over two decades, transforming both the literary canon and the contemporary publishing world,” Salt said.