Sacks to write on religious violence for Hodder Faith

Sacks to write on religious violence for Hodder Faith

Hodder Faith is to publish Not in God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.

Director of publishing Ian Metcalfe bought UK and Commonwealth rights to the book from Louise Greenberg of Louise Greenberg Books.

Sacks is former Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the UK and Commonwealth, and writes regularly for the Times and appears on BBC Radio 4's "Thought for the Day".

Speaking about Not in God’s Name, he said: “The greatest threat to freedom in the post-modern world is radical, politicised religion. It is the face of what I call in the book ‘altruistic evil' in our time. This poses a theological challenge to all three Abrahamic monotheistic faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – that forces all of us, Jews, Christians and Muslims, to ask the most uncomfortable questions. 

"If we fail in this task, we will face a continuation of the terror that has marked our century so far, for it has no other natural end. Faith is God’s call to see His trace in the face of the Other. It is this theology of the Other which I have tried to articulate in this book.”

Metcalfe said: “It is an immense privilege to publish Rabbi Lord Sacks once again, and on such an important topic. His masterful handling of so many different disciplines, not least his deep analysis of Bible stories we think we know so well, builds into a compelling and prophetic call for us all to unite in defeating religious violence.”

Hodder Faith will publish Not in God’s Name on 4th June as a £20 hardback.