Ruth Davidson to write book on powerful women for H&S

Ruth Davidson to write book on powerful women for H&S

Hodder & Stoughton has commissioned Scottish Conservative Party leader Ruth Davidson to write a book about the life lessons learned by the world’s most powerful women.

Hodder bought world rights from Patrick Walsh at PEW Literary and will publish in 2018.

Davidson is said to be set to talk to women ranging from world leaders to international pop stars, corporate c.e.o.s  and members of the army’s special forces, each describing their own path as a signpost to others.

Davidson said: “This book is for every daughter, every mother, every aunt and every niece. It tracks the great societal shifts that have brought us to where we are as well as the individuals who have helped nudge us another fraction towards the tipping point. As more and more women own the future, I hope very much that this book will become an obsolete curio in my own lifetime; a text to be puzzled over as to why it needed to be written at all. In the meantime, here are the life lessons learned by some of the world’s most powerful women.”

H&S non-fiction publisher Rupert Lancaster said he very much admired Davidson’s approach to politics “where she brings wit and clarity of thought to an arena where both are often sadly lacking.”

Davidson was a journalist for 10 years before being elected to the Scottish Parliament in 2011. She was elected leader of the party in November of that year.