Russell Brand to publish guide to addiction with Bluebird

Russell Brand to publish guide to addiction with Bluebird

Russell Brand is publishing a guide to addiction with Pan Macmillan's wellness and lifestyle imprint Bluebird.

Carole Tonkinson acquired world rights to two books by Brand in a major deal at auction from Nik Linnen of John Noel Management. The first, as yet untitled book on addiction, was acquired with Gillian Blake of Henry Holt, who secured North American rights.

Brand's "definitive" guide to the disease of addiction, from an addict who has struggled with heroin, alcohol, sex, fame, food and e-bay, is intended to help anyone who is an addict (or loves an addict) make the first tentative steps into recovery. 

In it Brand will "gently and humorously" recount his story and share the advice and wisdom he has gained through his 13 years of recovery. It will speak to those suffering along the full spectrum of addiction – from serious, life-threatening misuse of substances to "more subtle, but still troubling" addictions, like getting trapped in unhealthy and destructive relationships to avoid difficult feelings. 

Brand has become a recognised spokesperson on addiction, following his words after the loss of Amy Winehouse and BBC Three documentary "From Addiction to Recovery". Last March he also opened the Trews Cafe, staffed by recovering addicts, to help those in recovery.

Brand said: “I believe that we are all on the addict spectrum, that the object of addiction is less important than the condition, and that in recovering as individuals, we can change the world. This book describes the way I work my programme and how it can work for anyone."

Tonkinson said: “I wrote to Russell on 1st January this year asking if he would write this book, because I woke up thinking that if there were one book we could publish in the year ahead that would make a huge difference it would be this book. I think a lot of the existing literature can leave a wider readership cold. Russell is the only person I can think of who could take on this project. I am incredibly grateful that he has chosen to entrust his work to us.”

Brand's new book will be a lead title for Pan Macmillan, publishing in September 2017.

Century published Brand’s book Revolution, expanding on his views on ecology, rioting and “the total mistrust of politicians”, in 2014. My Booky Wook, published with Hodder & Stoughton in 2007.