Rushdie threatens to sue over John Blake book

<p>Salman Rushdie is threatening to sue John Blake Publishing over the forthcoming <em>On Her Majesty&#39;s Service</em> by Ron Evans, one of the special branch officers who protected him, reports the <em>Guardian</em>.</p><p>The Booker Prize-winning author is so unhappy over what he sees as the book&#39;s libellous portrayal of him as &quot;mean, nasty, tight-fisted, arrogant and extremely unpleasant&quot;.</p><p>Evans claims Rushdie was imprisoned by his guards who &quot;got so fed up with his attitude that they locked him in a cupboard under the stairs and all went to the local pub for a pint or two. When they were suitably refreshed they came back and let him out&quot;.</p><p>According <em>to On Her Majesty&#39;s Service</em>, which is due to be published this week, the police nicknamed Rushdie Scruffy because of his unkempt appearance. </p><p>The author was alerted to the claims by a newspaper story about the alleged cupboard incident last weekend, which has subsequently been picked up on websites and blogs.</p>