Rubenhold Ripper book The Five to be turned into drama series

Rubenhold Ripper book The Five to be turned into drama series

Historian Hallie Rubenhold’s story of Jack The Ripper’s victims, The Five (Doubleday), is to be turned into a drama series by Mainstreet Pictures.

Mainstreet, best known for producing the award-winning series "Unforgotten", optioned Rubenhold's book before publication and Vanity Fair writer Gwyneth Hughes will develop the idea for television.

The Five sets the record straight about victims of Polly, Annie, Elizabeth, Catherine and Mary-Jane. Rubenhold discovered the image portrayed of the Ripper preying on prostitutes was untrue and prevented the women’s real stories from being told.

She said: “Virtually everything we have come to believe about these mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and lovers is incorrect. None of them were from the East End of London and all had lived full and varied lives coloured by tragedy and triumph before their deaths. By giving voice to the victims, The Five promises to change the way we see the Ripper murders forever. Their moving and dramatic stories are ideal for television."

Sally Haynes, managing director of Mainstreet Pictures, says: "The Five is a fresh, intelligent take on a story people thought they knew”.

Mainstreet Pictures acquired The Five, published in hardback and ebook on 28th February, on proposal via United Agents.