Royal Mail launches e-shopping experience tool

<p>Royal Mail has developed a free tool to enable e-tailers to improve customers&#39; buying experience and thereby reduce &quot;shopping cart abandonment&quot;.</p><p><a href="" target="_blank">The Delivery Promise Tool</a> takes 15 minutes to complete, and provides analysis of any e-tail website from a shopper&rsquo;s view, offering advice on areas such as website navigation, the buying process, delivery options and information through to the post-purchase experience. </p><p>E-tailers receive a detailed report highlighting any areas of the site that could benefit from improvement, and recommendations on how the website can develop its service.</p><p>The launch follows the publication of Royal Mail&rsquo;s latest Delivery Matters Research, which revealed that&nbsp; one in three buyers frequently abandoned their online shopping cart last year, resulting in lost sales of &pound;2.7bn. Some 93% of respondents said they had abandoned their shopping cart at some point. </p><p>More than half of those who abandoned their shopping cited unhappiness with the delivery charge as their reason, with 31% saying they had done so because of lengthy delivery times. </p><p>Nearly two thirds of online shoppers said they would continue or increase their usage of an e-tailer if clear information about delivery charges was provided, while the same number said good customer service would lead to an increase in usage.</p><p>Dan Hewett, head of small business goods fulfilment at Royal Mail, said: &ldquo;The online marketplace grows ever more competitive and having tempted shoppers to explore their stores, e-tailers simply cannot afford to miss out on sales because of poor website functionality and inadequate delivery information.</p><p>&ldquo;Our research shows that delivery details and options remain a major influence on online shopping habits.&nbsp; The majority of e-retailers understand the importance of offering the best shopping experience online and Royal Mail&rsquo;s Deliver Promise Tool is a fast and simple way to receive useful tips that can help them better achieve this goal.&rdquo;&nbsp;&nbsp; </p>