Royal biographer takes on All the Queen's Corgis

Royal biographer takes on All the Queen's Corgis

Royal biographer Penny Junor is publishing a book about all the dogs the Queen has owned in her lifetime, called All the Queen's Corgis.

Publishing in November, according to Hodder the book will be "affectionate and informative" revealing "a side to the Queen that not many people know about".

Commissioning editor Maddy Price bought world rights from agent Jane Turnbull. 

Price described Junor as "the perfect person to write this book". She has already written biographies of Princes William and Harry, both the Prince and the Princess of Wales and two British Prime Ministers, and last year she published The Duchess: The Untold Story, a biography of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (William Collins).

"Penny is the perfect person to write this book, being the number-one expert on all things royal, and herself a passionate lover of dogs," said Price. "This will be a fascinating and affectionate look at the queen and her corgis, packaged as the perfect gift for Christmas. I am very much looking forward to publishing All the Queen’s Corgis."

Junor said the Queen has had corgis by her side since she was seven years old and she hoped the book would appeal to royalists and dog lovers alike.

"They announce the Queen’s arrival in any room, they have taken part in interviews, portraits and parties, and were even part of the James Bond spoof at the Olympic opening ceremony in 2012. I have hugely enjoyed researching this book, meeting fellow dog-lovers and getting to know corgis – a breed I had scarcely come across – and I hope my book will be a joy to dog lovers and royalists everywhere."