Row over Jade 'cash-in' book

<p>John Blake Publishing has been accused of cashing in on the death of reality TV star Jade Goody by reissuing her second book with no new content.</p><p><em>The Times</em> reports that the publisher is rushing the book to stores this week and has renamed it as <em>Jade: Fighting to the End</em> from its original title of <em>Catch a Falling Star</em>. However, despite the book boasting a new cover and title, it has no new content. A friend of Goody told the newspaper: &quot;It is being passed off as current, when it isn&#39;t.&quot;</p><p>John Blake denied that he was cashing in by renaming his company&#39;s book. He said: &quot;The advance has been earned back and all the royalties from ours will go to the boys.&quot;</p><p>HarperCollins will be publishing Goody&#39;s &quot;official cancer diary&quot; in April.</p><p>Goody died from cancer on Sunday. She was 27. Her funeral will take place on 4th April. She shot to fame on the Channel 4 reality show &quot;Big Brother&quot; and was involved in a racism row on &quot;Celebrity Big Brother&quot; in 2007. </p>