Rough Guides to publish Hitchhiker tie-in

<p>The secrets of Deep Thought and the relevance of the number 42 will be two subjects uncovered by <em>The Rough Guide to The Hitchhiker&#39;s Guide to the Galaxy</em>. The title, by Marcus O&#39;Dair, is published on 1st October in paperback priced &pound;7.99, shortly before the release of Eoin Colfer&#39;s sixth instalment entitled <em>And Another Thing </em>(Penguin) on 12th October.</p><p>&quot;It seemed like the perfect opportunity and the perfect tie-in,&quot; said commissioning editor Peter Buckley. &quot;The non-travel part of Rough Guides is pretty varied, everything from the internet to food and drink,&quot; said Buckley. The publisher has previously ventured into guides to other titles including <em>The Lord of the Rings</em>, <em>His Dark Materials</em> and <em>The Da Vinci Code</em>. Later on this year Rough Guides will also publish a guide to Dan Brown&#39;s new book <em>The Lost Symbol</em> (Transworld).</p><p>Buckley said the guides &quot;offer a way into a series of books, which are in some way kind of impenetrable&quot;. He said that the books would appeal to &quot;anyone from a fanatic who wants to learn more to a beginner who just wants an overview&quot;. Buckley added: &quot;Colfer has got a young audience and it may be their first experience of Hitchhikers, so hopefully they&#39;ll buy the Rough Guide too.&quot;</p><p>The book has different sections starting off with a run through of the tale so far, before going into the characters and various incarnations of the story. It then has something for &quot;nerds&quot; with a section about the science behind some of the more bizarre parts of the books.</p><p>Penguin and Pan Macmillan have teamed up to host a variety of events to publicise the release of the new Hitchhikers book. A &quot;Hitchhiker&#39;s Guide to the Galaxy&quot; convention will take place at the Royal Festival Hall in October to mark the 30th anniversary of the famous Douglas Adams series.</p>