Ross: "We got some things wrong"

<p>Amanda Ross has admitted &quot;we got some things wrong&rdquo; with the first episode of &quot;The TV Book Club&rdquo; on More 4. The show has been the focus of <a href="" target="_blank">some criticism</a>, despite attracting an overall average audience of 350,000 viewers.<br /><br />In an interview with the <em>Independent</em>, the Cactus m.d. conceded: &quot;We got some things wrong with the first show. Our guests were so carried away by being critics, they forgot to mention that all the 10 books we&#39;ve chosen are really good books.&quot;<br /><br />She added, &quot;I want a lively debate. We chose books that would incite a lively debate. It would be so boring if everyone sat there and said, &#39;It&#39;s really great&#39; wouldn&#39;t it?&quot;<br /><br />According to the newspaper, &quot;none of the quintet [of judges] sounded at all comfortable in their unfamiliar role&rdquo;, and &quot;you didn&#39;t have to be V S Naipaul to feel that good books deserved better coverage.&rdquo;<br /><br />When asked if the judges possibly hating a title might send negative signals to a TV audience, Ross defended the show: &quot;You know how, sometimes, you read a book and, though you might not like it, you still think it&#39;s a worthwhile experience, that&#39;s opened your eyes to a different kind of writing? We&#39;ve picked books which are representative of what&#39;s out there, and we tell people they&#39;re worth reading, and they&#39;re not going to waste their &pound;6.99.&quot;<br /><br />As for the choice of judges, she said &quot;&quot;We had so many people to please. The broadcasters and sponsors had their own ideas about who&#39;d be good.&rdquo;<br /><br />&quot;The only criterion was, we didn&#39;t want known critics.&quot;<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> </p>