Ross dismisses Mirror R&J claim

<p>Cactus TV&#39;s Amanda Ross has dismissed a report in last Friday&#39;s <em>Daily Mirror</em>, which stated that the Richard &amp; Judy book club was to move to Channel Four, but without its star presenters.<br /><br />&quot;We&#39;ve complained to the <em>Mirror </em>and they accept that it was wrong. They didn&#39;t check with us [before writing the story and it&#39;s not true.&quot; The story, on the papers&#39; showbiz gossip page, was based on an interview with an unnamed source.<br /><br />As has been previously reported by <em>The Bookseller</em>, Ross is in talks to find a new broadcaster for the show, which ends its run on digital channel Watch on July 1st. In late May she told the magazine she was &quot;in the process of conducting talks for a high-profile, long-term home for both the book club<br />and summer reads with consolidated campaigns across the year, for a number of years to come.&quot; Ross hopes to tie a deal up by the end of June.</p>