Robert Webb tours UK and Ireland

Robert Webb tours UK and Ireland

Robert Webb, star of "Peep Show" and "That Mitchell and Webb Look", is set to tour the UK and Ireland to celebrate the release of his début fiction novel Come Again

The book tour, organised by Fane Productions and Canongate, will cover 13 cities.

In the tour, Webb will discuss his career as an award-winning actor, a comedian and a bestselling author. After How Not To Be a Boy, Webb’s Sunday Times bestseller memoir, he writes about loss, love and time travel.

Come Again follows the story of Kate, who travels back in time after the death of her husband to the first time she met him—her college Freshers' Week in 1992. 

The book will be released in late April with a £16.99 r.r.p., and a discounted price of £12.99 if pre-ordered with an event ticket. 

The tour will start at Cambridge Literary Festival on 19th April and end in Monmouth at Rossier Books on 21st May.