Jeffs to tell medieval Britain's stories for riverrun

Jeffs to tell medieval Britain's stories for riverrun

Quercus imprint riverrun will publish Storyland: A New Mythology of Britain from art historian Amy Jeffs in September 2021. 

The publisher acquired world rights from Georgina Capel at Georgina Capel Associates Ltd and publication will be accompanied by a high-profile publicity and marketing campaign. 

Storyland will tell the history of Britain through medieval eyes. Grounded in "meticulous" research, Jeffs' novel will pay intimate attention to the medieval source manuscripts and bring medieval tales to life. 

The synopsis explains: "Storyland is filled with places we know—and can still visit—today and characters half-remembered: Lear in Leicester, Merlin in Stonehenge, Grim in Grimsby, St Columba on the River Ness. It is a tale of legend, landscape and the yearning to belong. Each arresting episode is illustrated with an original linocut print by the author, often conveying stories in pictures for the first time since the Middle Ages. Storyland engages with modern debates through ancient stories, retold by people from diverse walks of life, including the modern inhabitants of Storyland’s ancient landscapes."

Jon Riley, publisher, said: "Storyland reimagines and illustrates the myths the inhabitants of Britain told to explain their place on this island at the edge of the world, answering the questions who are we? And where did we come from? Who can call this home? In Amy Jeffs' hands these stories become beautifully and exhilaratingly alive."

Jeffs commented: "Medieval Britain generated wondrous myths concerning its peoples’ origins and later histories. In Storyland, I hope to convey the brilliance, drama and relevance of these stories through retelling and illustration, while contextualising their roots through commentary. I hope to evoke the experience of Britain’s marshes, cities and heathered hills, while exploring the fears and ambitions of the medieval societies that longed to call them home."