Ripley renews Random House deal

<p>ipley has renewed it&#39;s UK publishing licence with Random House and will be launching children&#39;s books along side its annual. The extension comes as Random House UK reported that this year was the &quot;highest ever recorded sales for the Ripley&#39;s annual in Britain&quot;.</p><p>Ripley will be bringing out a new children&#39;s non-fiction series, <em>Twists</em>, which will offer serious information on such subjects as the human body, space and the natural world. The publisher will also produce its first children&rsquo;s fiction series, the RBI (Ripley&rsquo;s Bureau of Investigation) - which will launch in the UK in early 2010.</p><p>Norm Deska, executive vice-president of Ripley, said that the publisher was &quot;delighted&quot; to have renewed the licence. &quot;An annual Christmas bestseller is something of a holy grail for publishers&quot;, said Deska. &quot;It&#39;s remarkable that Ripley&#39;s should have already come so far in the five years we have been producing it.&quot;</p><p>Nigel Wilcockson, publishing director at Random House UK, said: &quot;The Ripley brand is proving astonishingly powerful, and I think its extension to other publishing areas is entirely logical and, indeed, inevitable.&quot;</p>