Riddell and Cobb to illustrate Just William reissues

Riddell and Cobb to illustrate Just William reissues

Illustrators including Chris Riddell, Rebecca Cobb and Lydia Monks are designing covers for reissues of Richmal Compton’s Just William series, due to be released by Macmillan Children’s Books this year.

In May, the publisher will release William at War, with a cover created by Michael Foreman. The in August, it will publish Just William (Chris Riddell), More William (Rebecca Cobb), William Again (David Roberts) and William the Fourth (Lydia Monks), and then in the autumn, Just William at Christmas (David Roberts).

A total of 14 reissues are planned (Compton wrote 38 William books in total) but Macmillan has not yet revealed which other books it will release

Gaby Morgan, editorial director forMacmillan Children’s 6+ list, said Just William is “one of the jewel’s in our crown”.

“He has come to symbolize a particular vision of childhood – a scruffy, confident boy who spends his time outside planning, playing and leaving a trail of chaos in his wake,” she said. “We know that William has a lot of fans.”

All of the Just William books are about a mischievous schoolboy called William Brown and the first book, Just William, was published in 1922.

The new reissues will retain the original inside illustrations by Thomas Henry and Henry Ford.