Curtis and Gaiman curate 'world's first post-it note' book

Curtis and Gaiman curate 'world's first post-it note' book

Penguin Random House's Michael Joseph division is today (Thursday) releasing the “world’s first post-it note book", co-curated by author Neil Gaiman and film director Richard Curtis.

Stick This Book is in support of the Global Goals campaign and will explain the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development - a 15-year plan to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and justice and fix climate change.

The idea behind Stick This Book is for people to “publicise the Global Goals in a creative and fun way”.

The book includes slogans, how-to’s, inspiring song lyrics, quotes and poems, “everything users need to make a noise” about the Global Goals.

Louise Moore, m.d. of Michael Joseph, said:  “It’s been a joy and an opportunity to work with Richard Curtis and his team on this inspiring, unique and worthwhile project.”

Curtis, who is the founder of Project Everyone, a campaign to share the Global Goals as widely as possible, said: “The Global Goals are an amazingly important, effective and practical to-do list for the planet. By making the Global Goals famous we can give them their best chance of working around the world - and help make us the first generation to end extreme poverty, the most determined generation in history to end injustice and inequality, and the last generation to be threatened by climate change. The Penguin Stick This Book is the most radical, unusual, and fun way we’ve thought of to spread the word.”

Gaiman said: “Writers get blasé about books they are involved in. Not this one. This is special. How often do you get a chance to change the world?”

The book is available now and costs £5.99.