Transworld wins Chloe Madeley's first fitness book

Transworld wins Chloe Madeley's first fitness book

Transworld has acquired Chloe Madeley’s debut fitness book, The 4-Week Body Blitz, to publish at the end of this year.

In The 4-Week Body Blitz, Madeley, a qualified gym instructor and personal trainer specialised in quick turnaround body transformations, will offer a complete diet and exercise plan for anyone who has a short-term weight-loss goal.

The book will allow readers to train in the comfort of their own homes and structure their diet for fast results, which Madeley says is perfect for readers with a wedding or holiday coming up who "want to get in shape without starving yourself or living in the gym". 

She builds on the launch of a fitness website, apps and fitness plans, as well as her Eat Clean Get Lean e-book, published by Hungry Dog Media and released in January this year.

Michelle Signore, editorial director, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Clare Hulton following a "hotly contested" auction earlier this year.

Signore said: "I am so excited to be working with Chloe on her first book. She is a highly experienced personal trainer who specialises in body transformation: if you want to get in shape fast, The 4-Week Body Blitz tells you specifically which exercises to do and which foods to eat on every single day of the plan. Chloe has built up a fantastic client base and huge online following, with scores of women crediting her with helping them get in shape and lose weight effectively and sensibly."

Madeley said: "I was never the kind of girl who gave much thought to health and fitness; in fact, I sort of fell into it as a favour to a personal trainer who needed more female clients. However, after a matter of weeks, the physical and mental changes I experienced had me hooked. I went from being an anxious and insecure girl to a strong and confident young woman. My body changed in a way I didn't think it was capable of, my mental strength sky rocketed, and before I knew it I was getting qualified myself." 

She added: "I am so proud of this book - quick turnaround body transformations are what I specialise in. If you have a wedding or holiday coming up and you want to get in shape without starving yourself or living in the gym, this book is perfect for you."

The 4 Week Body Blitz will be published on 28th December 2017.