Richard and Judy make Rubenfeld number one

<p>The start of the Richard &amp; Judy Book Club last week propelled the TV couple&#39;s first pick, Jed Rubenfeld&#39;s <em>The Interpretation of Murder</em> (Headline Review) to number one, with sales of nearly 46,000 copies in the week. The sale represented a 60% rise on the previous seven days and took book to a club level only previously surpassed by Kate Mosse&#39;s <em>Labyrinth</em> (Orion), 12 months ago.</p><p>Competing mass market novels had to be content with chain Book of the Week promotions. W H Smith&#39;s selection Stephen King&#39;s <em>Cell</em> (Hodder) came close to 40,000 in second place, while Waterstone&#39;s offer, <em>Blue Shoes</em> and <em>Happiness</em> by Alexander McCall Smith (Abacus), sold around 31,500 copies to give Hachette Livre UK a 1-2-3 in the charts.</p>