Rice to pen memoir?

<p>Outgoing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is planning to meet with publishers at the end of the month, to discuss &quot;three book projects&quot;, one of which will be a memoir of her time under George W Bush, the Associated Press has reported.</p><p>The newswire had spoken to a trio of unnamed sources&mdash;&quot;executives at two publishing houses and a senior aide to Rice&quot;&mdash;who said the two other titles would include a memoir about Rice&#39;s family and &quot;a multimedia project about international affairs for preteens and adolescents&quot;.</p><p>Rice confirmed she was pursuing book proposals in the near future. However, talks are believed to be at an early stage.</p><p>The AP said publishers felt there was &quot;strong interest in her story&mdash;a minister&#39;s daughter who rose from a segregated community in Birmingham, Alabama, to become a trusted national security official&quot;.</p><p>She is one of several close to President Bush&mdash;who officially steps down today (20th January)&mdash; tipped to be planning a book. Others include First Lady Laura Bush, adviser Karl Rove and George W Bush himself.</p>