RHCP to publish Pratchett e-short

RHCP to publish Pratchett e-short

Random House Children’s Publishers will next month publish an e-short from Terry Pratchett ahead of the autumn release of his collection of children’s stories.

The e-short, titled The Abominable Snowman, which will be published on 7th August and priced at £1.49, is about Captain the Honourable Sir Herbert Stephen Ernest Boring-Tristram-Boring (known to his friends as Bill). Sir Herbert is very bored but life gets more interesting when the famous explorer Amos Tence shows up at his front door and takes him of to the mountains of Chilistan to look for the abominable snowman.

The story is being published ahead of the September release of Dragons at Crumbling Castle (hardback, £12.99), Pratchett’s first collection of children’s short stories, illustrated by Mark Beech.

Kirsten Armstrong, fiction editor at RHCP UK, bought the world rights for Dragons… from Pratchett's agent Colin Smythe, and said: “These stories are full of Pratchett’s trademark wit and imagination and will be adored by anyone aged eight to 108…  they are a joy to read and share with young readers.”

A spokesperson said RHCP hopes the book will connect the author with younger audiences but confirmed there are no events with Pratchett planned.

Pratchett, who has early-onset Alzheimer’s, last week pulled out of a Discworld convention later this summer, saying "the Embuggerance is finally catching up with me".

On his website he said: “I know people will have already made plans far in advance and some will be travelling a long way, but this is the first time ever that I have been unable to attend a UK convention and I really am very sorry.  They say time marches on, and it does, even though I have been running very fast to keep one step ahead of it.”