IPG members oppose Brexit

IPG members oppose Brexit

The majority of Independent Publishers Guild (IPG) members think Britain would not be better off if it left Europe, a survey has revealed.

Asked whether Britain should leave the EU - referred to as Brexit - 54% of IPG members said their company would be “worse off” if it did, whereas just 3% said their company would be better off. On the fence were 27% who thought it would “probably make very little difference”; while 10% didn’t know and a further 8% stipulated it would depend on the terms of negotiation.

The question was posed as part of the first Independent Publishing Report undertaken on behalf of the IPG by Nielsen Book, which surveyed 157 compaines between 11th September and 14th October. The full results of the report will be revealed at the IPG Autumn Conference in London last today (12th November).   

Fieldwork for the report was conducted prior to the release of Prime Minister David Cameron's four key objectives for EU reform, set out on Tuesday (November 10th) in a letter to European Council president Donald Tusk. Cameron's objectives for reform include safeguards against further financial union for non-eurozone members; a reduction in the "burden" of excessive regulation; room to opt-out of "ever-closer union"; and curbs to benefits for EU migrants. 

An in/out referendum deciding the UK's future in Europe has been promised before the end of 2017.

Oliver Gadsby, chair of the IPG and chief executive of Rowman & Littlefield International, said: “The response to the Brexit question was perhaps stronger than I expected. Clearly most members are comfortable with EU membership in one form or another - though it’s worth saying that there were quite a few responses with more of a ‘wait and see’ attitude.”

Bridget Shine, chief executive of the IPG, added: “It is fascinating to see just how much our members value the European Union. The overwhelming majority are against a Brexit - we suspected that independent publishers would be in favour of close European ties, but the scale of support for the EU is impressive."

The first Independent Publishing Report 2015 is the IPG's first annual report, designed to provide a comprehensive overview and analysis of the independent publishing scene in the UK and to be used as a benchmarking tool by members to better assess their performance. It is intended that the report will be an annual publication, indicating year-on-year trends.

Today (November 12th) is the IPG’s one-day Autumn Conference at 1 Wimpole Street, London, hosting a programme of informative sessions covering publishing partnerships, international sales, brand building and productivity, as well as masterclasses from Amazon.