Report to demonstrate value of social science

Report to demonstrate value of social science

The Campaign for Social Science is working on a new report designed to show the value of social science to the UK's economy and cultural life.

The report will be published by Sage, one of the major sponsors of the initiative, and presented to MPs and policy makers in Janaury 2015.

Professor James Wilsdon, chair of the campaign, announced the report at a reception yesterday (2nd April), celebrating the first three years of the group, which is supported my 80 institutions including universities, publishers and learned societies.

Wilsdon said: "This will be a landmark report which spells out how important social science is to Britain’s future. We will gather up-to-date evidence on the health of social science and ensure that its contribution to society, the economy and public policy is intelligently communicated and widely understood."

He added: "Social science itself is being transformed, through interdisciplinary ways of working and the rise of big data, randomised controlled trials and other quantitative methods. However, all of these achievements could be jeopardised, and future potential stifled, if budgets are cut or frozen for another five years."

In 2013, Sage launched a transatlantic campaign along with other bodies to raise the importance of social science research.

Ziyad Marar, global publishing director at Sage said: “In the media, in policy making and government discussions, and in our daily lives, we can see social science at work. The value of such research has obvious and far reaching importance in explaining our social world."

The report will be compiled by a team of 12 experts, representing different fields of social science, chaired by Wilsdon. David Walker, a writer and commentator on public policy, has been appointed as head of policy for the campaigns's sponsoring organisation, the Academy of Social Sciences, and will also contribute to researching and drafting the report.