Reggie Yates debut to BBC Books

Reggie Yates debut to BBC Books

Reggie Yates is publishing his first book, Unseen, with BBC Books, taking readers behind the scenes on his journey from TV presenter to documentary maker.

Unseen will explore the journey he has taken in the documentary world and unpick the stories behind fascinating characters and situations he has encountered. The book also chronicles Yates' own personal growth after each shoot. 

World all Languages rights were bought by Yvonne Jacob, BBC Books commissioning editor, from Rory Scarfe at Furniss Lawton, to publish in hardback in October 2017 (£18.99).

Yates said the book represented "an exciting new venture for me, as much as documentary making was when I first started". He added: "Through my documentaries, I've been in front of the camera like never been before, un-scripted and learning with the audience. Unseen shares this along with my encounters since I first began and all the challenges and formative experiences along the way."

Jacob said: "We are thrilled to be publishing Reggie’s debut book on the BBC Books list. Reggie is a leading BBC talent, and one of the most fearless documentary makers out there. Unseen will take readers beyond the camera, to reveal the transformative effects these films have had on Reggie and his understanding of the world."

Yates, broadcaster, writer and former DJ, has made films including the BBC3 series "The Insider, Extreme South Africa" and "Reggie Yates: Life and Death in Chicago". In 2016, yates was also awarded Best Presenter title for "Extreme Russia" at the Royal Television Society Awards, Best Factual Programme at the Edinburgh TV Festival and Best Multi-Channel Programme at the Broadcast Awards.