Reggae champion David Rodigan's autobiography to Constable

Reggae champion David Rodigan's autobiography to Constable

Constable has acquired the memoir of Reggae ambassador and DJ David Rodigan.

Andreas Campomar, publishing director at Constable, bought UK and Commonwealth rights to Rodigan: My Life in Reggae, authored by David Rodigan and journalist Ian Burrell, from Jonathan Lloyd at Curtis Brown.

Rodigan is the story of David Rodigan, an army sergeant’s son from the English countryside who became Reggae's "constant" champion over five decades, from Ska and Rocksteady, to Dub, Roots and Dancehall.

Campomar said: "David may look like the antithesis of the stereotype of an international dance music DJ, but he is a living legend. Rodigan is no ordinary autobiography: it is also a fascinating and incisive alternative history of a music form that remains as proud as ever of its African heritage. It is a life lived in Reggae."

Rodigan said: "I’ve always been a champion for the artists and the music, but it was never really about my journey. However, over the years, my story has entwined with Reggae as has my relationship with the culture and people of Jamaica. I was reluctant to publish an autobiography but I was frequently told by artists that I needed to 'write it down', not just for myself but for the music, to document the journey and the sounds we’ve come to love. So here I am at the sprightly age of 65 telling my story. I am proud to have been an ambassador for this great music over the past 40 years."

Constable will publish in March 2017.