Recommendation and review 'less important' for online shoppers

Recommendation and review 'less important' for online shoppers

Price and range have been highlighted as the most important factors in buying habits of online book buyers, with recommendation and review less crucial.

In a survey of 91,500 customers worldwide on the Book Depository's website, the retailer found price was critical with 63.1% of customers deeming it very important. Range was the next factor identified with 51.5% regarding it as "very important". However, review (6.2% deemed it very important) and recommendation (6.6%) were seen as less important factors among shoppers.

More than two thirds of those surveyed said they bought e-books, with 46% saying they would buy more e-books in future. Only 3.4% said they planned to buy less digital books in future. PC laptops were the most popular method of reading e-books, among 10.8% of customers. The iPhone was the next device of choice (7.8%), followed by the Amazon Kindle (6.2%)

Almost three quarters of shoppers (71.6%) said they bought their books online, with high street chains popular among 11.8% of customers and indies the bookseller of choice for 9.9%.

The Book Depository received responses from customers worldwide with the majority of responses from English-speaking countries. The survey was carried out in conjunction with the For Dummies series of books.