Rebus actor attacks Harry Potter

<p>Actor Ken Stott, best-known for his small screen incarnation of Ian Rankin&#39;s Inspector John Rebus, criticised &quot;idiot educationalists&quot; for praising children who read Harry Potter books. </p><p>Stott launched the attack on bestselling author J K Rowling during an interview in this week&#39;s <em>Radio Times</em>. He said: &quot;If we&#39;re going to make a fuss about children reading books, do it with Philip Pullman&#39;s His Dark Materials books, not J K Rowling. I can&#39;t believe idiot educationalists are praising children for turning up at school and reading Harry Potter.&quot;</p><p>A new series of four &quot;Rebus&quot; films starts on 5th October on ITV1.</p>