Rebuck interviewed for SB.TV

Rebuck interviewed for SB.TV

Random House c.e.o. Gail Rebuck has been interviewed for SB.TV, the online youth channel which more usually features the likes of Dizzee Rascal, P Diddy and Tinie Tempah.

The channel was started by Jamal Edwards at the age of 15. Originally a product of the urban music scene, it is now described as a "diverse youth lifestyle broadcaster", which boasts "tens of thousands" of subscribers and 170 million YouTube views.

Twenty-two-year-old Edwards, named by Sir Richard Branson as one of his Young Pioneers of 2012, is publishing an e-book - Self Belief: The Vision - with Random House's Virgin Books.

The book is made up of six downloadable chapters intended for mobile phone reading, starting with Level One released on 29th July. The subsequent five "levels", featuring an "inspiring, fun business challenge designed to encourage young people to follow their dreams", will be released at weekly intervals. The target readership is 16-25 year olds more likely to download onto their mobile phones than to read a book.

Rebuck's interview will air in July to tie in with the release of the e-book.