'Raw' Chris Packham memoir to Ebury Press

'Raw' Chris Packham memoir to Ebury Press

Ebury Press has acquired naturalist TV star Chris Packham’s “emotionally exposing” memoir.

Focused on Packham’s childhood in the 1970s, his memoir tells the story of an introverted boy, who, through befriending a young kestrel from its nest, learns “what it meant to love”.

Ebury Publishing deputy publisher Andrew Goodfellow and editor Anna Mrowiec bought world rights from the author, best-known for fronting BBC TV programmes Springwatch and Autumnwatch, as well as the BAFTA–winning The Really Wild Show.

Packham's memoir, named Fingers in the Sparkle Jar, will be published on 5th May 2016.

Goodfellow said: “I feel really privileged to be working with Chris on such a breathtakingly wonderful book. Its beauty and raw truths can’t help but touch anyone who reads it and I’d like to think that one day Fingers in the Sparkle Jar will be mentioned in the same breath as My Family and Other Animals and Ring of Bright Water.

Packham said: “Andrew and Anna's enthusiasm for the book has been tremendously uplifting and every aspect of the process has been positive and creative. And personally I needed this, it's a story that comes with a cost to tell, it gives away a lot, with absolute truth and honestly. It's from the heart and I’m confident I'm in the right hands with the Ebury team.”

Packham is also the author to a non-fiction picture book, Amazing Animal Journeys (Red Shed, Egmont), due February 2016, with another unnamed title scheduled to follow from the same publisher in 2017.