Raven Smith's Men signed by Fourth Estate

Raven Smith's Men signed by Fourth Estate

Fourth Estate has signed an “exhilarating” new book about men and masculinity from Raven Smith, author of Sunday Times bestseller Raven Smith's Trivial Pursuits.

Michelle Kane, PR and publishing director, acquired world rights for Raven Smith's Men from Richard Pike at C&W. Publication of the book is scheduled for spring 2022.

The synopsis explains: “Part memoir, part commentary on masculinity, Raven Smith's Men isn’t so much for men, as about them. Raven has been trying to distil what it is about men that has kept him intrigued his whole life. It boils down to three things. Firstly, he loves them. Secondly, he can see how endlessly problematic they are. Thirdly, both these things converge in his own sense of self and his own masculinity. This book is about men because, in an annoying way, everything is, but Raven has no agenda or vendetta. This book is his noticing of particular dynamics, a cautious reverence of a life lived in parallel with other men, observing masculinity’s odd amorphous boundaries. He’s both curious and terrified of his own participation in the great male privilege and while this book will not shy away from difficult truths, it will also make you laugh an enormous amount!”

Smith said: “I’m thrilled to be back with Michelle and Fourth Estate for my second book navigating masculinity where the personal, the primal and the perennial intertwine.”

Kane added: “I cannot think of a better tour guide to modern masculinity than the highly original and brilliantly funny Raven Smith! Very much using the lens of his own experience in an utterly flinching way, he bravely offers up his lifetime’s manliness for the reader to inspect and analyse in all its myriad complexity.”