Rankin reveals Rebus plan

Rankin reveals Rebus plan

Crime writer Ian Rankin is working on a new Rebus novel.

The author gave hints about the new book to his Twitter followers, writing: “So much *plot* in this new book I'm doing, I'm having to focus on that so it doesn't wriggle away from me. Character/nuance/etc for later.” He continued: “Once I know plot works, I can go back and fix/polish everything else. That's the plan for now.”

Following questions from fans, he revealed that the book will be set in Edinburgh and feature his detective Rebus, who has been in 19 novels.

When asked when the book would be released, he tentatively said November, although followed his answer with a question mark.

His publisher Orion is currently not releasing any details on the book.

Rankin took a year off work and travel in 2013, saying that he didn’t want “to die slumped over my desk”. He told an audience at the Edinburgh International Book Festival that he was acutely aware of the deaths of friends such as author Iain Banks at the age of 59, and the long time head of the Scottish Arts Council, Gavin Wallace, at the age of 53.

His last book was Saints of the Shadow Bible (Orion), a Rebus book released in hardback in 2013 and paperback in 2014.