Random House US to bring 17K books to iBookstore

Random House US to bring 17K books to iBookstore

Random House US is introducing 17,000 books to the iBookstore, several days after it announced it had moved to agency pricing.

At yesterday's Apple iPad event in San Francisco, Apple c.e.o. Steve Jobs said users have downloaded more than 100m e-books since the iPad went on sale last year. The Random deal means iPad users will be able to read titles from the likes of Stieg Larsson, John Grisham, Dan Brown, Danielle Steel, Laura Hillenbrand, Cormac McCarthy and Lee Child.

Markus Dohle, Random House’s chairman and c.e.o., said: "We are delighted that Apple’s iBookstore now will be carrying Random House’s US ebooks for the first time. And we look forward to bringing our 17,000 ebooks to Apple customers." While Random House US has signed up to agency pricing, the UK wing of the business said it was "continuing to evaluate options" on pricing.

Jobs said 15m iPads have been sold between April and December 2010. Confirming the iPad 2 launch, which will ship on 25th March in the UK, Jobs said: "What is iPad 2. What have we learned? It is an all new design. It's a completely new design. And it's dramatically faster."

The device, which has a camera for the first time, is 33% thinner, at 8.8mm to the iPad's original 13.4mm. The iPad 2 is also thinner than the iPhone 4.0. The device is also lighter than the iPad at just under 600g.

Technology blog Engadget is among the sites that have hands-on videos of the new iPad.