Rainbow Magic e-books exclusive to Kindle

The entire Rainbow Magic series of children&#39;s fairy books are being made available digitally for the first time - and exclusively from Amazon.com&#39;s Kindle store via electronic publisher RosettaBooks.<br /><br />The series, print published by Scholastic, is written by various writers under author name &quot;Daisy Meadows&quot; and aimed at girls under 10. Currently 73 titles strong, it is hugely popular and has sold over 20m copies worldwide. Entertainment producer HIT Entertainment owns the rights.<br /><br />All the Rainbow Magic backlist titles are now available on the Kindle store and new books will be launched there in conjunction with Scholastic&#39;s printed editions. <br /><br />Russ Grandinetti, Amazon.com&#39;s vice president of Kindle content, said: &ldquo;We hear from our Kindle customers that they love to read to their kids on their Kindles. Series, including the &lsquo;Rainbow Magic&rsquo; series, are hugely popular in our Books store, and we&rsquo;re thrilled to be able to add &lsquo;Rainbow Magic&rsquo; to the Kindle Store for children to enjoy on their own or with their parents.&quot;<br /><br />Arthur Klebanoff, ceo of RosettaBooks, said the publisher was &quot;pleased to build on our tradition of bringing top selections to the dynamic e-book market&quot;.<br /><br />Amazon.co.uk did not respond to a request for clarification on whether the Rainbow Magic digital deal also applied in the UK.