Radical indie Lighthouse Bookshop launches author activism video series

Radical indie Lighthouse Bookshop launches author activism video series

Lighthouse Bookshop has launched an author interview video series, focusing on bridging the gap between activism and reading.

The Edinburgh-based radical independent is focusing on connecting authors with audiences while discussing political and social activism, in addition to exploring new writing. The shop has launched the series to complement its existing "Read Think Act" articles and booklists, which delve into texts that inspire activism.

The 15-minute interviews will cover topics including fighting the far right, mental health, the future of work and climate change. The first episode will feature environmental justice campaigner and author Mya-Rose Craig, and will be released today (3rd September).

Other authors confirmed to feature in the series include Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Nick Hayes, Amelia Horgan and Jeremy Dixon. Each will be interviewed by booksellers and members of the Lighthouse Bookshop community. 

The project has been spearheaded by author and bookseller Jessica Gaitán Johannesson. Speaking to The Bookseller, she said: "'Read Think Act' as an ethos is at the core of Lighthouse. It runs through every aspect of our bookselling, from the titles we stock and recommend, to the way we support campaigns working for social justice and community initiatives. Through the pandemic, the combination of activism and books needed to move online, and become accessible to as many people as possible in the long term. 

"The 'Read Think Act' video series is a direct development of this. As an author and climate justice activist, I've often found that there's a gap between what books are about — the author's thinking about injustice and oppression — and the real work readers can, and are often desperate, to do on the ground. This series is an invitation to bridge that gap openly, with the focus on radical imagination, and to meet readers where the books take them during a time of multiple, interconnected crises."