Racing Post on course with Freud book

<p>Racing Post Books is rushing out a title Sir Clement Freud was working on when he died earlier this month.<em> Freud On Course</em> is a collection of the columns written by the journalist and broadcaster for the <em>Racing Post</em> and <em>Sporting Life</em>. Edited by Sean Magee, it will be published on the 5th June in hardback (&pound;18.99).<br /><br />Sir Clement, more widely known as a &quot;Just a Minute&quot; contributor and foodie, had a lifelong love of racing and betting which he first developed as a schoolboy. He later went on to own several racehorses, one of whom was named Weareagrandmother after Margaret Thatcher&rsquo;s announcement of the birth of her first grandchild. He was also an amateur rider in the 1970s.</p><p>James de Wesselow, m.d. of Racing Post Books, said Freud had been writing columns for the <em>Racing Post</em>, and before that <em>Sporting Life</em>, for over 10 years, and had actually been writing one of his regular pieces for the paper when he died at his desk, &quot;mid-flow, half-way through a sentence&quot;.<br /><br />Freud had worked together with Magee to devise the structure for <em>Freud on Course</em> and most of the pieces selected to go in had been chosen before his death, said de Wesselow. He added: &quot;The articles were fairly eclectic in subject matter. He wrote about racing, but he&rsquo;d often branch out into other areas, and anything that had amused him that week. He was a very good raconteur and always ended each piece with a joke.&quot;<br /><br />Sir Clement died on 15th April. He was 84. Along with his contributions as a broadcaster and well known love of food, he was also a Liberal MP for 14 years after winning the Isle of Ely seat in 1974. Freud was born in Vienna in April 1924 and was a grandchild of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis. Sir Clement&rsquo;s elder brother is the artist Lucian Freud.</p><p>Racing Post Books is distributed by Compass and Littlehampton Book Services.</p>