Rachel Johnson's tale of politics goes to S&S UK

Rachel Johnson's tale of politics goes to S&S UK

Rachel Johnson’s Rake’s Progress: My Life in Politics will be published by Simon & Schuster UK in March.

The publisher acquired UK and Commonwealth rights, including audio, to the book by Rachel Johnson from Georgia Garrett at RCW. It will be published on 19th March 2020. Acquired by Ian Marshall, deputy publishing director, the title promises to be "the entertaining tale of the political highs and lows of the past three years with the backdrop of an issue which not only divided the nation but also a family".

A prominent voice in the Remain camp, and sister of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, she decided to stand for the Change UK party during the European elections. "The book focuses on her brief experience of frontline politics and campaigning—something she had always vowed to steer clear of—while highlighting the challenges anyone can face once they decide to stand for public office," the synopsis reads. 

Marshall said: "Rachel (or Rake, as she is known in the Johnson family) has written a wonderful and hugely entertaining book. She blends passion and insight with self-deprecating humour and gossipy anecdotes. It’s a book that will help you understand and sympathise with the enormous pressures felt by our politicians. While much of the focus is on the European campaign, the book takes the story right the way up to the Tory landslide election victory last month. It takes the reader behind the scenes in a way we so rarely get to see."

Johnson said: "This is the book I promised I wouldn’t write but when push came to shove—and sorry everyone in advance—I couldn’t resist telling the rise and fall of the Remain cause in virtual real time."