Rachel Cusk returns to Faber to publish last in trilogy

Rachel Cusk returns to Faber to publish last in trilogy

Rachel Cusk is returning to Faber & Faber to publish the third in her trilogy of novels about divorced creative writing teacher Faye.

The book, called Kudos, follows her 2014 novel Outline, which was shortlisted for the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction, and her 2016 novel Transit. Both were published by Vintage after the author moved there from Faber in 2015 as part of a "major" publishing deal.

Kudos will be published in hardback on 3rd May 2018, alongside paperback reissues of the first two novels in the trilogy. Mitzi Angel bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Sarah Chalfant at The Wylie Agency. 

Angel, Cusk's publisher, said the author asked through "electrifying prose" whether we get kudos for having suffered, in what promises to be an exploration of our failures, successes and responsibilities as human beings. 

"Rachel Cusk’s novel completes her masterful trilogy with overwhelming power," said Angel. "In electrifying prose, Cusk asks: how might we reconstitute a person? How might we reconstruct a family? Can we rebuild a country tearing itself apart? She writes about our responsibilities: our responsibilities towards ourselves and towards other people. She writes about our failures and our successes as human beings. She asks: do we get kudos for having suffered? Faber & Faber is proud to publish Cusk’s trilogy, which will be remembered as one of the most significant achievements of our times."

Cusk, who was born in Canada before moving to the UK in 1974, has written nine novels and three works of non-fiction.