Quick Reads looks for blue collar stories

<p>Quick Reads is looking for trade union members to write stories for a Quick Read book to be published for World Book Day 2010. A competition is being launched in conjunction with the TUC&#39;s learning and skills organisation unionlearn to find 20 new authors to write short, real-life stories about the world of work. Six million trade union members are eligible to enter.</p><p>Gail Rebuck, c.e.o. of Random House and chair of the Quick Reads initiative, said: &quot;We have worked closely with unionlearn for many years and this wonderful new opportunity to encourage members to tell their stories will hopefully be another major step in building a vibrant book reading community.&quot;</p><p>TUC deputy general secretary Frances O&#39;Grady said: &quot;Trade unions and unionlearn have been enthusiastic promoters of Quick Reads in workplaces and I am thrilled that members are getting the chance to tell their own stories. I know that there are some amazing personal stories and experiences out there that deserve a wider audience.&quot;<br /></p>