Quercus signs Ghost Hunters sequel

Quercus signs Ghost Hunters sequel

Quercus has signed the sequel to Neil Spring’s paranormal thriller debut The Ghost Hunters, which was recently adapted into an ITV drama.

Commissioning editor Kathryn Taussig secured UK and Commonwealth rights from Cathryn Summerhayes at WME, and expects to publish the as yet unnamed sequel in autumn 2017.

The Ghost Hunters first introduced readers to expert at sleight of hand Harry Price and his partner Sarah Grey who together investigate "the unknown". The new novel, set in "the most haunted village in England", explores "the lengths to which an entire community - and one man - will go to protect their darkest secrets".

Taussig said: "Neil Spring's first novel The Ghost Hunters was the beginning of a memorable partnership between two delectably unique characters – Harry Price and Sarah Grey. Readers have been writing in ever since, desperate to know what happened next...and now they have their wish! Neil Spring's upcoming sequel is just as finely crafted and chilling as its predecessor, with an ending that's guaranteed to make you shiver."

Spring, born in south Wales, started writing at the age of 28 after studying philosophy, politics and economics at Somerville College, Oxford. In 2013 he published The Ghost Hunters, a paranormal thriller based on the life of Harry Price, later adapted into an ITV drama as "Harry Price: Ghost Hunter". Spring's second novel The Watchers was also published by Quercus.